Since 2003, EMLAR Corporation has provided "practical business advice that works" to small to medium sized, privately held companies in a broad rage of industries located primarily within the Philadelphia metropolitan area.

Acting as what can be loosely described as an "outside director to private companies", our objective is to help the owners make more money, have more time, and reduce the stress that comes along with business ownership. We do this by functioning in every capacity necessary from purely advisory roles to hands-on C-Level staff.

Our engagements cover the full range of business issues from the top line to the bottom line and all the lines in between. Many center on strategic planning, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, succession planning and exit strategies.

We help business owners not only get to "the next level" but help them define exactly what that means to them; that well intention-ed wishful thinking is not enough and that "Hope is not a business strategy".